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New Social Media - 6/11/2022

In light of recent events, New Social Medias have been created and now are displaced on the Carrd.

Advertisement - 1/11/2022

Twilymemes appoached my house and threate- I mean begged me to add an advert for her site so...
If you want to visit her website, you can go to the link in the home section or click the popup.
This change doesn't apply to mobile because I want the mobile version to be advert-free.

Slideshow and Update Updates - 30/10/2022

Changed the slideshow images on the index.html and the Mobile website. Also added new update posts. Even this one.

Social Media Site and Art Repository Website Update - 30/10/2022

You've seen how I've not touched them in a long while. Well, decided to update them for today because bored.
New Art has been added to the art repository and some appearance things have changed . The Social Media site has a new intro page.
Also added those "font thingys" to both of those websites. Anyway, I'll see if I can add an actual blog for one in here.

Mobile Friendly - 22/9/2022

I added mobile friendly pages for mobiles because blame social embeds and this page is created.

Welcome to Updates, It's just random stuff I add for the website - 22/9/2022

Title is self-explainatory. This is updates. Technically this is blogs and you're mostly right.
I might change the name of the blogs to something else in the future.

Yes, the text is white.

After that 2 months hiatus - 19/9/2022

I finally update the website. Added a menu bar, Text form. In some areas, I add a "return to top" button.
New Social Feed for Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. In the home page, I added a slideshow because why not. It was hidden for 3 months.

Cool Changes - 18/7/2022

I removed the html part, now the links can be more "professional".

It's the games we're into - 20/10/2021

I add a games section where I just add games from PS1 to Wonderswan. No PS2 tho. It doesn't exist. Thanks EmuJS.