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Mobile Friendly - 22/9/2022

I added mobile friendly pages for mobiles because blame social embeds and this page is created.

Welcome to Updates, It's just random stuff I add for the website - 22/9/2022

Title is self-explainatory. This is updates. Technically this is blogs and you're mostly right.
I might change the name of the blogs to something else in the future.

Yes, the text is white.

After that 2 months hiatus - 19/9/2022

I finally update the website. Added a menu bar, Text form. In some areas, I add a "return to top" button.
New Social Feed for Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. In the home page, I added a slideshow because why not. It was hidden for 3 months.

Cool Changes - 18/7/2022

I removed the html part, now the links can be more "professional".

It's the games we're into - 20/10/2021

I add a games section where I just add games from PS1 to Wonderswan. No PS2 tho. It doesn't exist. Thanks EmuJS.