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Main Website Changes + Other website Updates - 18/11/2023

Eyoo! I've just finished the changes for some of the websites and I'll be giving a brief rundown to what I've done and what
I still need to do because some of it is ambitious and some are currently in the planning board.

I've finally decided to update the button style on this website and even round out the corners (because it just looks cool), plus I've also changed
some stuff on the games section. Mainly the CDN provider as due to recent events, I've pulled out from the service and reverted back to the former
CDN we used to use before the change to the other CDN.

Second, I've finally finished the changes for Lolo's website! New design, New Logo, New Images, New Commissions Page! I'd implore you to check it out :D


Thirdly, I'm still working in the Aries Team Website as I'm currently gonna be making a new design for the website
as some of the functions are broken and aren't working anymore. Not to mention that I'm also making a new page for my social media stuff as
I have a lot of social media accounts now from multiple websites. ( ̄ω ̄;)

That's all of the updates I have so far! Hope ya liked the changes I did! :3

Main Page Changes + Other website plans - 1/10/2023

Eyoooo! I'm still in a hiatus but recently I've thought of plans for renovating most of the websites
I currently manage and fix things that broke during the months I've not worked on the websites.

First of all, I've thought of implimenting an actual main menu for quite a while and I decided to take the Main page
approach from my Website but implimenting it with the style I use with this website.
There might be more updates to the main page but for the current moment, there's no further ideas for the main page currently.

The AriesTheCabbit/Aries Team Website hasn't seen much of TLC in such a long while.
Which means that some images and even backgrounds were broken for quite some time and some website code broke during this time.
This will mean that the website might change with a new design, along with new menus styles to accompany it.

Finally, Kibynoa's Website (including the Neocities mirror) hasn't seen an update since the month of July and as such, some information on the website has gone
outdated and as such, I'll will be some changes to the website including styles and image changes. (Sorry Lolo ;w;)

If you want to check out her forest, press the button to experience (^w^):

I'll be back soon! Wahoo!

The Game Section Updates + Changes to the fonts on Mobile - 8/9/2023

Some new updates regarding the games section, you might've noticed it wasn't working for a few weeks as the EmuJS repository has
recently moved to a new CDN hoster and as such wasn't loading anything. I've updated it to work with the one that is hosted on the new CDN.

Furthermore, the ROMs host has been changed as since the Shabble CDN recently is now currently inactive, I'd like to thank Shabble
for giving space for the ROMs to host. Which means sadly, that the mobile version of the games section will no longer work for iOS/iPadOS browsers.
However the games section should still work for Android browsers. (Depending on compatibility of the browser)

There will be also a change of the fonts on the mobile as it has been tested that the new fonts work on mobile browsers,
including that iOS/iPadOS browsers supports woff-based fonts. As such, Gotham's gonna be thrown out of the window!

Swiping the old Rounded Rectangle Logo! - 5/8/2023

I've been doing a slow transition from the boring old rectangle logo :P and into the new halftone style I've started
to use since July. Specifically for the Youtube thumbnails (which still does have that rectangle lookin' logo). I'm also testing out the
compatiblity of new image formats for incase for future use which might break for some browsers ;v;

Goodbye Weebly! - 12/7/2023

If you've known me for quite sometime, you might've seen my website, dedicated for archiving my artworks that might be buried under many posts.
However since I've been less focused on weebly and more focused on the Neocities space. While Instagram and Pixiv is becoming much more of a place for hosting artwork
without much of the posting hiding the newest and recent art, I've decided that the archives will be moving to this website under The Archives page!

I'd like to say thanks to the website hosting all of it without no sweat but it has served the 2 years and it was good while it lasted.


Finally have free time! + Font Update - 17/6/2023

If you've been wondering where I've basically been, I've been mainly focusing on art based projects and have been
less focused on website based projects as I have no plans to update it more until further notice. However I have plans to update the
website with more content including wallpapers. Since I have more free time, they might be executed in some form.

To catch up on the latest updates, Kibynoa's website "Artworks" page is now a Forest page however there are no content that has been planned for this part of the website yet.
Kibynoa's website now has a mirror for and incase if the version goes down. You can check out this version of the website!

Bullet's Manor is now available for business on with BulletTimeTails running the manor for your vacational stays, even during the times of Summer so feel free to book your tickets to their social media!

I'm now finally changing our font after many years of using Gotham (and Proxima Nova) as I've decided that the font change to a one that is less serious is much more
better than having one designed for business use. Yes it was used for a couple of months here in this website and the other website, however the font was used before
the change from Verdana. This change will not affect mobile users and will be staying on Gotham to keep compatibility with mobile browsers.

*yawn* Monthly update time :> - 21/3/2023

Been away for a month to deal with some stuff and real life measures and now I'm back!
So, the carrd site will be just be a redirect to the site with a littl'
Pic of Klonoa button if you're interested in the Pic of Klonoa stuff instead. This will also affect other sites too... as the
the "Social Media" button will be an redirect now :P

Also the Kibynoa site is finished (for now) so you should check her forest out!

This update is sponsored by Kibynoa's Dreamy Forest :3 - 4/2/2023

So... cool update time! I'm now gonna be managing the Kibynoa website :>
Since I've created the website layout and the logo for the website... I've decided to be a manager of it!
Check her forest out!


The Game Section is coming to mobile! + New Emulator Engine - 27/1/2023

We've updated our game engine to some games as this will help with performance on games
Klonoa Heroes & Kaze no Klonoa - Moonlight Museum will be getting the update in a later hour so look out for that!

Finally, after a few months! The mobile users can finally taste the games section, Gameboy and Wonderswan!
The page will open in a later hour so stay tuned for the release on mobile!

New Game Page is Coming + Minor Tweaks + The Shrine Archive is finished! - 22/1/2023

Coming to you is the brand new Game Page! Coming to you soon with Cover art!
(Mobile will get the change... but...)

In some browsers, the scroll wheel has changed! It's not just bland like the others!
It's a small change but hey, I like the small changes. :3

Oh and one last thing, Chanthy's Klonoa Shrine is finished! (Not all were archived because they're lost)

Minor Fixes & Socials + New Website is now finished! - 16/1/2023

If you've zoomed in closely to one of those <hr> thingys. You might've noticed it's not yellow.
Well I fixed it with this update. They are now yellow. Also, the social media buttons are at the buttom of the page if you wanna check my socials :P

Also the website is now done and now...
You can choose your characters!

New Font? Goodbye Verdana?, LOGO? + New Website! - 15/1/2023

I've been offline on social media and this is why, I've been busy on website fixing. Tweaking stuff, adding new stuff.
Now, this update "removes" Verdana. Not completely, I kept it as a backup font incase if the new font doesn't load.
For the logo, I added it at the top to match the rest of the other websites that had the logo at the top. The home button will not be replaced with the logo.

Also, I've been creating a website that links to other websites without using carrd. Now, it is now (almost) ready! Introducing...!
It will not be replacing the main website but rather be a directory for other websites and mine! Feel free to check it out!

Removal of Nostalgia.html + Stuff! - 14/1/2023

If you try to go to now, you'll be met with the Links page.
This was done because nostalgia is dead. But wait! Before you do something, Nostalgia is moving to!
Wait and see as more links and nostalgia is coming to you...

Also, embeds will work on some mobile pages now.

Random Stuff I've just added + More Updates! - 13/1/2023

So... Linking this website now will add a littl' embed there. Doesn't work for all websites though.
Not gonna list where it works and where it doesn't. Try it out!

Anyway, I'm gonna be adding some Links in the Links section of!
Peek your eyes for the appearance of links!
Also if you've noticed a misspell, I'm not gonna fix it because I'm evil >:3

It will only work for the home page if you're using mobile...

Navigation Twists - 12/1/2023

You might've noticed before the update that there were 2 "Home" buttons. Being quite frank...

I honestly don't know why there were two in the first place, plus inconsistancy.
I fixed it all by replacing the "Home" with "Art" and keeping the other "Home" button. Update - 11/1/2023

I've updated the Homepage for! "Links" are also available but...
Of course, it's work in progress.

Nostalgia? - 25/12/2022

For this December, I've decided to add an nostalgia zone because why not!
Advertising and Winamp is available during the writing of this update so check them out!

E n t e r H e r e

New Websites! - 20/12/2022

There are now, new website mirrors! and!
Feel free to check them out... during under construction...

New Social Media - 6/11/2022

In light of recent events, New Social Medias have been created and now are displaced on the Carrd.

Advertisement - 1/11/2022

*********** appoached my house and threate- I mean begged me to add an advert for her site so...
If you want to visit her website, you can go to the link in the home section or click the popup.
This change doesn't apply to mobile because I want the mobile version to be advert-free.

Slideshow and Update Updates - 30/10/2022

Changed the slideshow images on the index.html and the Mobile website. Also added new update posts. Even this one.

Social Media Site and Art Repository Website Update - 30/10/2022

You've seen how I've not touched them in a long while. Well, decided to update them for today because bored.
New Art has been added to the art repository and some appearance things have changed . The Social Media site has a new intro page.
Also added those "font thingys" to both of those websites. Anyway, I'll see if I can add an actual blog for one in here.

Mobile Friendly - 22/9/2022

I added mobile friendly pages for mobiles because blame social embeds and this page is created.

Welcome to Updates, It's just random stuff I add for the website - 22/9/2022

Title is self-explainatory. This is updates. Technically this is blogs and you're mostly right.
I might change the name of the blogs to something else in the future.

Yes, the text is white.

After that 2 months hiatus - 19/9/2022

I finally update the website. Added a menu bar, Text form. In some areas, I add a "return to top" button.
New Social Feed for Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. In the home page, I added a slideshow because why not. It was hidden for 3 months.

Cool Changes - 18/7/2022

I removed the html part, now the links can be more "professional".

It's the games we're into - 20/10/2021

I add a games section where I just add games from PS1 to Wonderswan. No PS2 tho. It doesn't exist. Thanks EmuJS.

Estimated Website Creation - 1/8/2021

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